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The Music Industry and Insurance

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musicinsurancePublic Liability Insurance for Entertainment and Music.

Most of the people think that insurance is only developed for the people who work under some pressure or those who have some kind of business/company. It must be known to everyone that earlier it was difficult to get insurance for those people who were involved in entertainment or music industry. This happened because many insurers were unknown to such fields and did not understand the industries.

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Thus, in order to make it quite convenient public liability insurance has been introduced which covers various things under insurance:

•Public liability for the bands, performers and equipments, audio-visual equipments, photography, PA sound and lighting, theatre sets, film and video equipments, theft, against accidental loss or damage, fire and transit damage.
•Personal accident insurance for musicians, entertainers and voluntary workers
•Liability for music groups, concerts, community festivals, dance parties, PA operators, dance and drama schools and various activities involving children’s entertainers.
•Event cancellation, weather insurance and non appearance
•Professional indemnity for event organizers
•Group travel insurance for entertainers, production crew, bands and musicians
•Workers compensation

Action entertainment is currently holding the insurance for many people in different countries out which some include Australian bands, production companies, film producers and recording studios. The insurance policies access all the major insurance companies in many countries like Australia and various specialist underwriting agencies which help in providing the guarantees. The guarantee ensures that the client’s insurance will be placed with the approved licensed insurers.

Many people have this question in mind that what should be followed to protect the assets against various claims? The answer for this question is to opt for insurance policy which will provide better options. The public liability insurance can be arranged for the following occupations:

• Musicians, bands, music groups and touring performers
• Event organizers, event managers, production manager and choreographers
• Drama, dance and performing arts tuitions
• Suppliers to the entertainment and event industries which may be audio-visual production, PA sound and lighting
• Theatre production
• Special events including dance parties, discos, community festivals and events

All these titles or professions are covered under the public liability insurance and any kind of damage in such fields will be handled by the insurance companies. The adequate amount of services will be provided when the visitor will pay the premium at regular intervals of time and most importantly you should maintain trust over the insurer. An individual should have good knowledge about the liability insurance.

For details on public liability insurance cover for tradesman, contractors, self-employed sole traders and business owners, contact Active’s business insurance team to discuss your requirements.

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